Where can I find your care guide instructions?

As all LYRA swimsuits are made from  premium Italian swimsuit material, it is required that premium and delicate fabric should be treated with much more care. 

Recommended wash method: Please wash swimsuits in cold or luke warm water by hand, using less abrasive washing clothing detergent. 

To remove Sand: Rinse the swimsuit In Cold Water. No soap, no detergent, just rinse it in cold water for about ten minutes. Then leave to dry completely and then shake the sand off. 

We would strongly advise to not leave chlorinated swimsuits in bags/enclosed for long periods of time. Please rinse/wash then dry. We also would advise that you do not leave chlorinated/or sea water LYRA swimsuits directly under the sun, as the sun can be a natural colour bleach. We would recommend the rinse and wash then dry methods above. 

Please see out Care Instructions page for further information. 

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